FAQs (Foreclosures and Short Sales)

Are I-Agent.com representatives licensed Realtors?

  • Absolutely! All of our agents are licensed in their markets. Our agents are also members of the National Associations of Realtors┬«. In fact, 90% of our agents are in the 20% of Realtor's in the Nation!

Do you represent buyers for foreclosures, REO's, and Short Sales?

  • Yes! If it is listed in the MLS we will represent you in the purchase. As a matter of fact, nearly 40% of I-Agent Transactions in 2008 have been foreclosure homes (on both the buying and selling side). Foreclosures are often great deals and should not be overlooked in your home search.
  • For foreclosure homes you DO have the right to have a home inspection and request repairs, credits, or cancel the contract regardless of what the listing agents says or advertises!

What is a Short Sale?

Do I get my own Realtor?

  • Yes, you work directly with a experienced Realtor throughout the entire transaction. There is no middle man and no field agent. You will have all of your Realtors contact info and be in touch with them directly.

How experienced are your Realtors?

  • Our Realtor's close anywhere from 4-8 transactions per month. Our Realtors are full service Realtors first and often have full service clients as well as I-Agent Clients. They actively engaged in their market place and are held to high professional and ethical standards.

How do I see homes?

  • Visit the "Tour Homes" section of the site to learn the different options to see homes. We by no means expect you to purchase a home that you have not seen.

How does the contract process work?

Once you are ready to submit an offer on a property you will work directly with your agent (via email, phone, or in person) to craft a competitive offer. Here's how it works:

  1. Your Realtor will speak with the listing agent and gather as much information as possible regarding the seller and their current situation. This is where you often learn valuable information that will help you develop a more competitive offer.
  2. Your Realtor will then create a Competitive Market Analysis that gives you a breakdown of the market situation in that particular area. This will help you determine a starting offer.
  3. You then go over contract details with your Realtor including price, all appropriate contingencies, and settlement date.
  4. Your Realtor will prepare the contract and E-mail it to your inbox for review and Electronic Signature.
  5. You will be able to electronically sign your contract using DocuSign. You will get an instructional email on how to sign, don't worry, it's super easy!
  6. You will need to provide a copy of your Pre-Approval letter and a copy of your Earnest Money Deposit to your Realtor
  7. We take it from here! Negotiating is our passion and is what makes us better than the competition.

What if the commission offered to the buyer agent is less than 3%?

  • The 2% rebate is based on a 3% Commission paid to the buyer's agent. If the commission is less than 3% the purchaser will be rebated all commission after 1%. EX; if there is a 2.5% total commission, the commission rebate would be 1.5%. I-Agent Realty Inc has a minimum commission of $4,000.

When do I get my Rebate?

  • Most clients get their rebate in the form of a check from their Realtor within 7-10 business days after settlement via mail.